services - what we offer. 

Altalinea are specialists in work at height and difficult to access areas. Using industrial climbing techniques, we are able to quickly access any areas where no others can reach, and successfully complete works in a short timeframe.

We provide rope access services to a broad variety of clients, including; wind farm operators, homeowners, property maintenance companies, engineers, installation managers, government, local council, and any private or public organization.

Altalinea are the solution where there are access problems for Inspection, Maintenance, Repair or Installation projects. We have a wealth of training and experience in the work at height industry, with which we are able to plan, prepare and carry out your project with safety and quality as our main focus. 



Maintenance of  buildings, structures and installations is fundamental in order to prolong their working life. Altalinea provide a professional, fast and economical solution to your maintenance projects. Examples include:

Corrosion treatment.
Specialised paint systems.
Specialised cleaning techniques.
Waterproofing and sealing.
Building reforms and renovation.
Repair of hazardous elements with risk of detachment.



It is important to control the condition of all structures, in order to stay ahead of potential major issues, which in turn, helps to keep down the costs of maintenance in the future. Using specialist rope access techniques, our trained technicians can reach areas where no others can reach, and perform a comprehensive inspection of  the structure followed by a written report with photographic and video evidence.



Due to the versatility of rope access, installations can be completed quickly and efficiently. Altalinea has the skills, training and experience required to accomplish challenging and technical projects. Examples include:

Signage and publicity.
Safety netting for fall protection.
Tensile fabric roofing and sun shades.
Lighting systems. 
Bird control anti-perching systems. 
Instalation or replacement of secondary elements.






With many height access methods it can be difficult to perform repairs, and this is detrimental to the quality of work and longevity of the repair. Using rope access techniques, we achieve a perfect working position directly at the repair area. This is how Altalinea technicians are able to perform delicate works with great attention to detail and high quality. Examples include:

Corrosion elimination.
Industrial protective coatings application. 
Replacement of damaged glass window panes. 
Fibreglass repair (EG: Wind turbine blades). 
Structural and façade rehabilitation. 
Spot repairs. 
Structural reinforcements.

services - where we come into operation

  • Wind Farms
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Civil Works
  • Construction
  • Hotels
  • Private Residence
  • Ships, Shipyards, Ports & Marinas
  • Monuments, Castles & Churches
  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Sport Stadiums
  • Airports
  • Commercial Centres
  • Hospitals